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About Noah Salon

Noah Salon seeks to obtain the highest form of excellence in the beauty industry. Using French techniques for cutting and coloring the hair, Noah Salon strives for perfection - a perfection measured through the satisfaction of each client.

Through continued education and a commitment to the enhancement of natural beauty, Noah Salon seeks to create an environment that celebrates beauty utilizing creativity, relaxation, professionalism and respect for the individual. Enjoy. 


About Us

The Team


Noah has worked as a colorist for some of the most prestigious salons in the country, including Vidal Sassoon in Chicago for 5 years and Gene Juarez in Seattle for 15 years. He is a colorist that specializes in the art of Balayage and has mastered the French foiling technique for color that requires precision and accuracy.


Noah has a saying, "All women have beauty. It is our job as artists and craftsmen to enhance that beauty." Noah has stood by these words for over 20 years and his timeless dedication to his craft has propelled him to owning his own salon.                       

Rebekah Fonden

Rebekah is a master stylist having worked in the industry for 15 years. She graduated from Gene Juarez (GJ) Academy and attended the GJ Advanced training salon to further her knowledge. After working for GJ for almost a decade she transitioned to Noah Salon in 2015.


She has extensive training in the French cutting technique. This revolutionary technique takes into account face and head shape, while providing each client with a haircut unique for them.


Rebekah’s impressive resume includes design and styling specialist, updo specialist and men’s cutting specialist. She has worked on photo shoots and has remained passionate about perfecting her craft while working with all hair types.                                                                                                                 

Kyle Johnson

Kyle is just as enthusiastic about hairstyling today as he was 20 years ago when he started. He believes that staying engaged with the industry will benefit his clients. Prior to his time at Noahs Salon (four years as of 2021), he was a senior designer and educator at Gene Juarez. Throughtout the years he has received training with Bumble and Bumble, as well as the Loreal studios of New York, Calligraphy Cut of Germany, TiGi (along with Kevin Murphy), and Hattori Hanzo. Being down to earth, he truly believes that every woman, much like a flower, is pretty in her own right. His mission is to make that be known through his work.

The Team
Hair Salon




Women Stylist Cut $75-$85

Men Stylist Cut $55-$80

Bang Trim - Complimentary

The French cutting technique is a face-framing technique that accentuates your complementary features. The hair is cut to have movement and texture. It's a top down process giving soft, almost invisible layers while keeping the ends thick and healthy. If your cut doesn't convey softness ... it's not a French cut.



 Partial Balayage $150

Partial Balayage and Color $189

Full Balayage $191

Full Balayage and Color  $221

Balayage Face Framing $111

Partial Reverse Balayage - painting lowlights/highlights  $156

Full Reverse Balayage $201

Balayage is ultimately about softness and depth. If your highlights appear chunky and brassy, the overall affect will reveal a lack of softness. If your highlights blend together to give the appearance of an all-over color, that usually means there's not much depth.


*These two lovely hair models have a Balayage. One has more lightness near the scalp than the other. Notice how both styles convey softness. They both have depth. Everything blends well from dark to light. These are the effects of Balayage - a technique where Lightener is literally painted onto the hair and little to no heat is used.. Whether you are getting Balayage highlights, lowlights (Reverse), or both, expect a soft appearance with the gentler application(no heat) of a Balayage.                             



 Partial Foil $145

Heavy Partial Foil $160

Partial Foil and Color $190

Full Foil $190

Heavy Full Foil $215

Full Foil with color $220

For a heavier amount of lightness near the scalp, a foil is recommended.The biggest difference between a Balayage and a Foil is heat is used with a Foil. For those of you who have a heavy amount of gray that you want blended but not covered, a foil is the best option. Another option for foiling the hair, as opposed to a Balayage, would be when someone with very dark hair wants to go very light and heat is required.. Noah Salon will always recommend the best highlighting technique for you.



All Over Color  $93

Gloss $65

Bleach and Tone  $220

Noah Salon mainly uses L'Oreal professional ammonia and non-ammonia products for all-over colors. Ammonia products can be harsh and should be used only when having to lift your  natural hair color or for resistant grey coverage. Non-ammonia products from L'Oreal Professional are usually the first choice at Noah Salon.

Either way, clients will always walk out with bounce and shine to their hair.



Keratin Smoothing Treatment $280+

Up Do  90+

Moisture Treatment $30

The Keratin Smoothing treatments  are essentially going to help calm and control, cut down your blow dry time and allow you to wear your hair smoother or have the curl more organized for a longer period of time.    


Once the hair is clarified and no build-up remains, with the help of compression heat and  B carotene preservative along the surface of the hair, the hair retains a shimmer and glow.

keratin smoothing treatment.jpg



At Noah Salon, we pride ourselves on using only the best hair products available.

We love the Moroccan hair care range and we think you will love it too. 

The antioxidant-infused, nutrient-rich, innovative formulas are unmatched and provide dramatic results. 

This is why salon-exclusive Morroccaoil is preferred by professionals and consumers alike - because the products simply work. 

Learn more at



Opening Hours

Thursday 9am - 7pm

Friday 9am - 7pm

Saturday 9am - 6pm

Sunday 8am - 5pm



5522 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

2 hour free parking can be found on NE 56th St and 11th Ave NE


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If you have any questions, please give us a call at 206-557-4367

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